Portrait Edward

Edward & Emily

Edward and Emily are brother and sister and are always busy running around and playing with their pet dragon George.

Edward has brown hair and blue eyes. He loves to play games and work out puzzles. His favourite colour is blue and his favourite subject at school is maths. He is very kind, he hates being sad and bored and loves to eat all kinds of fruit especially apples. When he grows up Edward wants to be a fireman so he can put out fires (mainly ones that George has started).

Emily has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her favourite colour is pink and sometimes purple. She loves to dance and loves drawing and colouring in pictures to show to her teachers at school. She likes to eat all kinds of food but her favourite by far are grapes, red or green, she’s not bothered which. She hates people who are rude and thinks everyone should be kind to each other. When she grows up Emily wants to be a vet so that she can look after George and any other injured or sick animals in the kingdom.

George is a very silly dragon, he’s always getting up to something he shouldn’t be. He likes to roll around in muddy puddles and then shake himself dry (normally next to someone who is clean). He loves to play games with Edward and Emily, especially Hide & Seek. He hides in his den, which Edward & Emily call ‘Dragon’s Den’.

Edward, Emily and George love to help people and are really kind but they don’t like germs and viruses or anything that makes them sick, so they have decided to go on a crusade to tell everybody how to stay healthy but they need your help to do it.