The Environment

As a responsible family owned company, Evans Vanodine understands the importance of helping to protect the environment whilst continuing to manage a successful business.

We are committed to developing chemicals which provide optimum performance, yet have a minimal effect on the environment. We have a unique, innovative system for classifying our products according to their environmental impact. Our low impact products can be identified by a green tick logo, which appears on their labels.

Another area in which Evans Vanodine aims to protect the environment is via sustainability - being able to meet our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The general principal is to reduce consumption to help preserve the world's natural resources and reduce emissions to minimise pollution. One of our many aims is to reduce the creation of waste in as many situations as possible, however large or small, as any improvement contributes towards the conservation of the environment.

All our raw materials are bought in bulk to reduce packaging and the frequency of deliveries; a computer operated tank washing system minimises water consumption; our cartons are made from recycled material and our bottles and triggers are 100% recyclable; we even recycle the cooking oil from our staff canteen!

All employees are trained and committed to the company's Environmental Policy and we are proud of the commitment made by our entire workforce to help prevent pollution and protect the environment.

To find out more about our Environmental Policy, please visit our dedicated environmental website