Low Impact Products

Evans Vanodine believes the various expressions referring to cleaning & hygiene chemicals such as 'Safe to the Environment' or 'Environmentally Friendly' are contradictions in terms as every chemical has some impact on the environment.

With this in mind, we have devised a unique system for assessing the overall environmental impact of a product taking into account 7 different criteria. Each product is then given an impact rating score; the lower the overall score, the lower the impact it has on the environment.

The 7 criteria used to assess each product are:

  • Raw materials used
  • Risk of release to the environment
  • Environmental hazard classification
  • Impact of water used in product
  • Impact of usage
  • pH value
  • Impact of energy used to prepare & manufacture a finished product

This system is called the W.E.I.R System (Wright Environmental Impact Rating) and the lowest scoring products within certain categories will be awarded a ‘Green Tick’, illustrated on the label.

Within the hand care range ‘Luxury Silk’ is our lowest impact product and therefore you will find a ‘Green Tick’ on all labels.

To find out more about this and all our other ‘Green Tick’ products, please visit our dedicated environmental website.