Soaps & Dispenser

Evans Vanodine hand wash products are manufactured under Cosmetic Regulation using high grade ingredients to ensure a thorough cleansing action, yet remain mild and gentle to skin due to added moisturiser. All our hand washes are suitable for the Evans Evolve dispenser.

The range includes liquid and foam soaps in 1 litre disposable cartridges, which are sealed to prevent contamination and designed to make re-loading your dispenser quick and easy. Hand washes available in cartridge form are:

  • Ocean Blue - Invigorating and, hair & body wash
  • Trigon - Unperfumed hand wash
  • Citrus Foam - Foaming hand & body wash
  • Trigon Foam Plus - Unperfumed, bactericidal foaming hand wash
  • Handsan - Alcohol hand sanitiser with moisturiser

The Evans Evolve dispenser is strong and very durable, its smooth ergonomic design minimises dirt traps, making it easy to keep clean.

The dispenser can be personalised using the Edward, Emily and Germ transfers, which are available FREE OF CHARGE with your purchase of the Evolve dispenser through your distributor.

If you would like to find out where to purchase your dispenser or discuss any other details please get in touch on 01772 322200, Email or via the Contact form.

Hand washes are also available in 5 litre for refills and 500ml pump dispenser bottles. To find out more about the entire range, please visit our main site HERE